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Published on June 16, 2007, read more web hosting articles here.

There comes a time in the life of your business when you determine e-commerce may benefit the future health of your company. It is then that you decide you need a website presence. It may be that what you know about web hosting could be written on the back of a postage stamp, but being the enterprising sort, you log on your favorite search engine and type in 'web hosting'. It comes as a surprise that there are more than 200 million potential sites to review.

The first site has great graphics and promises things that you don't even understand. You see the price and move on to the next service that catches your eye and matches your budget.

The plans you see listed on most web hosting sites look very similar. They provide details on web storage and transfer rates. They will also provide tier pricing and a variety of web tools. After awhile they all begin to look alike, but are they?

If this is your first time at website development you may be very happy with the first site you work with until you have technical issues. It's at this point that you begin to learn whether or not your web host provider has the ability to stand by their promises.

The problem is, not all web hosts are created equal. Hundreds of frustrated customers have horror stories about downtime and lack of promised or nonexistent support.

What if you could take the guesswork out of selecting a web host for your small to medium sized business?

XplanHosting is a cutting edge of web host and they continue to raise the bar for other web hosting sites to aspire to.

XplanHosting is keenly aware that it is what happens after you select a plan that really means the most to you. After all, what good is a website if no one can access it?

That's why XplanHosting provides 24 hour tech support geared to the needs of the customer. Support is easily obtained using either phone support or email. Hundreds of businesses already trust XplanHosting and while the reasons are many, customers rely heavily on the 100% uptime guarantee. Xplanhosting is so committed to this guarantee that they were compelled to install a 235,000 watt diesel generator along with special modifications to their hosting center to assure your web-based clients are never disappointed in a failure to connect. We all know that if a customer can't log on they can easily find another supplier with a few clicks of a mouse.

Unlike other web hosts, XplanHosting also places a mandatory limit of domains that each of their customized servers can host. It is not uncommon among other hosting sites to find 500-1000 domains on one server. XplanHosting allows no more than 256 domains per server preserving the overall health and connectivity of the site.

The technology used by XplanHosting also works to help avoid traffic jams by rerouting online traffic away from high internet traffic areas making the transition between your site pages as seamless and responsive as possible.

Many hosting sites demand long term commitments of six months or more. At XplanHosting you will find it easy to leave if you need to. The month to month contract is designed for ease of use, but it also demonstrates XplanHosting's commitment to the quality and value of their service. Should you desire a longer term contract, XplanHosting rewards you with an attractive discount.

Even first time users will find the variety of templates appealing and user friendly, and monthly fees start as low as $5.95.

XplanHosting is proving that low costs and high expectations can be achieved and they have satisfied customers to back up their claims.

Because time is always an issue, XplanHosting provides tools to make the administration of your new website virtually hands-free. Functions such as account creation and billing can be automated. A practical web interface lets your technical staff take care of your XplanHosting system from any internet-ready computer.

It may be difficult to know before you sign up whether a web hosting company is going to be there for you and if they are there for you, will they take care of future hosting issues or will you have to go it alone?

You may have been disappointed before, but when you're in the planning stages of a new website design or e-commerce plan, the professionals at XplanHosting stand uniquely qualified to help you on the road to a successful online presence.

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