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ServerPoint appoints Ranielle Rivera to the position of Manager of Public Relations and Media

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Published on January 6, 2014, read more web hosting articles here.

ServerPoint, a leading web hosting provider offering high quality web hosting services since 1998, has announced the recent appointment of Ranielle Rivera to the position of Manager of Public Relations and Media. In this capacity, Rivera will develop and implement communication strategies specific to clients’ objectives and strategize new ways to effectively communicate the company’s ideas to the media and other key audiences.

“We are very pleased to welcome Ranielle to our team,” says Erik Johnson, CTO at ServerPoint. “Her wide-ranging communications experience, professionalism and strategic thinking will be a great asset to our company as we continue to grow and increase our client numbers.”

Rivera brings a vast array of skills and expertise to the position. She is an effective communicator who employs an energetic management style and a strategic, team-oriented leadership approach to deliver real results. Prior to joining ServerPoint, Rivera worked in consulting and managed communication campaigns for the retail sector.

“I’m excited to be a part of the ServerPoint team because I see that it’s a company that is not only dedicated and loyal but innovative,” says Rivera. “Working at ServerPoint will be both a challenging and fulfilling opportunity for me to utilize my skills and expertise to their full advantage, and to support the successful growth and expansion that this dynamic company is inevitably headed towards.”

With the main focus on what the customer wants, ServerPoint is an increasingly busy practice that has seen significant growth since its inception in 1998. By appointing Rivera as a new Manager of Public Relations and Media the company aims to elevate its visibility and brand image and take customer satisfaction and loyalty to the next level.

About ServerPoint.

Established in 1998, ServerPoint is a respected web hosting company that offers the highest quality Linux and Windows web hosting services, dedicated server hosting and cloud VPS hosting services to thousands of customers worldwide. ServerPoint’s core values are aimed at providing customer-focused, high-performance web hosting services tailored to meet specific needs of each individual customer. With a fully redundant network, top quality server hardware and professional support, ServerPoint provides customers with improved service levels and a powerful and secure web hosting environment.

For more information about ServerPoint.com, visit www.serverpoint.com

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