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Services Provided By a Data Center In India

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Published on June 28, 2013, read more web hosting articles here.

Technical consultation

One of the most important services provided by a data center in India is technical consultation. Ranging from virtualization to cloud computing, data centers provide a lot of technical consultation to the companies to ease out their operations and to provide specialized services. Generally data centers provide these technical consultations according to the requirements of their clients but some of these facilities are already made available by the data center in India. Technical consultation mainly comprises of strategies to implement new technology, selecting new technologies, transferring of older technologies from one environment to the other, designing of new technologies, and integrating new technologies with the older ones. Technical consultations are basically a part of the entire consulting service provided by the data center and are designed to help their clients formulate and implement strategic decisions. Some of the most common technical consultation services provided by data centers are storage array implementation, automation, cloud computing, virtualization, selecting new data center location, and consolidation.

Technical support

Technical support is the basic support service provided by a data center. A data center in India is mainly hired by a company to store their equipments in a safe environment and to operate those with great flexibility and ease. Ranging from storing the servers to providing solutions to technical issues, a Data Center in India can provide a wide array of technical support to the company. Their technical support can help their clients overcome challenges with servers, software and storage facility. Apart from optimizing server solutions, data centers also cater to their clients by helping with the installation and configuration of technical devices. This facility of a data center helps the clients to maintain their equipments in good form, without worrying much about server problems and other regular technical hassles.

Application services

A data center in India also often provides application services to their clients. The application services are basically some software-related services like Corporate Email Solution that are provided by the application service provider of a data center. The companies that seek application services actually make use of these services over a network. Application services provided by data centers help their clients develop manage and integrate applications formulated specifically for the company’s use. Email hosting and web hosting are some of the common application services provided by the data centers in India.

Outsourcing services

A data center in India may also cater their clients with outsourcing services like providing data backups, data storage, disaster recovery and upgrading the servers. Outsourcing services are availed mainly by those companies which do not have specialized teams to do IT outsourcing.

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