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Overcome the Complexity of Web Hosting with Dedicated Server Hosting

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Published on June 3, 2011, read more web hosting articles here.

Dedicated hosting can be extremely complicated. When you are trying to manage an entire server by yourself, you may not even know where to begin. Typically, when a business needs an entire server for their needs, it means their website is generating more traffic than other websites. With more traffic, it is important to make sure that your website is running smoothly. When a website is on a shared server, there may be complications involved that can cause your website to fail. Getting an experienced dedicated hosting server can be the solution. By getting a dedicated hosting server you will be able to have an entire server for your website. In addition, you will have complete help with your server. If you do not want to be the one to manage the server or if you have no idea how to do this, getting dedicated server hosting may be a cheap way to take care of all of your website problems. The high level of support that you will receive from dedicated hosting will make running your web site easier than normal. With the advanced technology available to those who are meant to manage your website, there is no doubt that you will receive the best support available for your company’s website.

With dedicated server hosting, you can receive the following features:
• A firewall that will protect your server from viruses or hacks
• Operating system updates
• Severe Server Monitoring
• You will receive an account manager. Your account manager will help you customise your server in order to best suit your business needs.

By getting dedicated server hosting, you will be able to build your website to its maximum potential. The high level of support that will be offered to you will be second to none. Finding a company that understands the importance of high level technical support is not hard. Companies that offer dedicated server hosting will have a large number of real experienced technical support employees willing to help. You also do not have to worry about receiving extra support that you should already have without paying more money.

Operating choices for a Dedicated Server

Security is a very big factor in keeping a business going. On the other hand, a security breach can happen anytime when your server is not secured with firewall system. A dedicated server is a service that includes hardware, software and ongoing maintenance of a dedicated server. Here are some things you need to consider when you choose dedicated server hosting.

§ Choose a dedicated server that provides more productivity. An easy to install and use dedicated server will reduce time, thus providing more work done at the end of the day. In addition to that, choose a dedicated hosting server of which upgrading is not difficult. In the long run you might need more server services, so make sure that your dedicated server is flexible.

§ Keep track and be informed all the time with dedicated server hosting that enables you to do system and log file monitoring, provides uptime monitoring and first response services. This is important so you can monitor and inspect log file trends and possible intrusion, security threats or server problems.

§ Determine your needs. You might need your dedicated hosting server be monitored 24 hours a day or you have in-house monitoring and only need an OS from your provider. If necessary, ask an expert whether you need a Linux server or Windows server. This is important so you can also determine your total cost of ownership, IT staffing and workmanship.

Most businesses, whether a starter or already going full force, relies on the information stored in the server. All the details from vendor’s contracts to costumer’s list, statements of bank accounts to account receivables, emails, to-do’s, calendars and daily operation details are there. This boatload of information is vital and determines the success or failure of your company.

However, with a proper operating choice for a dedicated server, you will be able to proactively manage the performance of your dedicated server in real time and avoid possible down time server and error.

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UKFast are a hosting provider of Windows and Linux dedicated server solutions as well as vSphere and Hyper-V virtualisation and cloud hosting specialists, all on one of the UK's fastest networks.

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