Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates

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Published on February 24, 2011, read more web hosting articles here.

The goals for EV SSL Certificates are both boost client self-assurance within online transactions and to decrease the risk of phishing attacks. EV certification requires proof from the enterprise that it is a validly included entity with a registered office.

EV SSL certifications are the effect of an considerable effort by the Certificate Authority (CA) Browser Forum, an industry consortium of certificate authorities (CAs), browser manufacturers, and Accredited Web Trust auditors. Currently, Internet Explorer 7 supports EV certificates, and other Browsers are expected to follow suit.

When a client outlooks an EV website inside Internet Explorer 7, the browser address bar is green, an SSL secure icon seems in the address bar, and the address bar displays the name of the organization That owns the EV SSL Certificate, alternating with the name of the Certificate Authority (CA), the Third party that issued the certificate to the organization.

Value of EV SSL Certificates:

Users any person who perceive a basic description of what the green EV adress bar shows come seal site protection report that they suppose worth in it. The basic description participants learned in this study was: �The green address bar in Internet Explorer 7 signifies that this website is an Extended Validation website. Extended Validation, or EV, signifies that the website host has gone through extra, rigorous steps with an authorized Certificate Authority to verify they are a protected site.� For most participants, this description was enough for them to declare they had a preference sites with the green EV address bar to sites without it.

When inquired what Certificate Authority names in the address bar rather than VeriSign they would progress with, most participants could not consider any other CA names.

If the phrases in the green address bar for a site protected by VeriSign were to say �VeriSign Secured� rather than �Identified by VeriSign,� this reliability with the language of the �stamp of security� users identify may give them added comfort. Adding the logo checkmark symbol would be even more familiar.

The VeriSign name has a well-built positive relationship with security in online transactions. Participants described their credit and reaction about VeriSign in superlatives. In 88% of the responses recitation how they felt about shopping on a site with VeriSign named as the Certificate Authority in the green EV bar.

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