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Ensure Email Confidentiality with McAfee�s Encryption Service

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Published on February 2, 2011, read more web hosting articles here.

Email has become the standard mode of business communication, and the ability to interact and share information through email is essential, particularly for travelers. Employees on the go may need contract information before their meeting with potential clients, or they may need updated sales reports and figures to present to senior management. Ensuring email data remains confidential when discussing vital company matters is critical. Data exposure through email has become such a problem that it now ranks behind only portable storage devices as the top avenue of data leakage. A single mis-click could expose secret company information, divulge confidential financial statements, or reveal sensitive negotiations. That is where McAfee� SaaS Email Encryption comes in.

McAfee�s� Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) Email Encryption Service provides a cloud-based solution to protect data and prevent data leakage through email. This service allows a company to encrypt confidential emails without placing additional burdens on the employees to secure the data. In addition, since the solution is cloud-based, the IT department will not have to manage the system on a daily basis and can focus on their other duties.

How It Works

After a company initiates the McAfee� SaaS Email Encryption Service, McAfee� encrypts emails in one of two ways.

With the first option, administrators set the company�s encryption policies through a web-based SaaS Control Console. Through the console, the administrator can set the company�s privacy policies and customize what data should be encrypted. The policies do not have to be �one-size-fits-all� as administrators can set up different policies for the entire company all the way down to the individual users. Once these policies are in place, email senders can just compose and send emails as they normally do. The Encryption Service automatically scans the content of each email and encrypts it if the contents match the policy set by the administrator. All of these actions occur behind the scenes without the employees having to take any extra steps.

With the second option, McAfee� provides on-demand email encryption. Email senders can tag their emails as needing encryption by typing [encrypt] in the subject line or within the email message body. Again, when they send the email, the Encryption Service scans the contents of the email and encrypt it when it sees the [encrypt] tag.

The email recipients can retrieve the messages from a web-based portal, or they can download the Secure Message Reader, which allows them to view the email directly in their email client. Also, when the recipient replies to the email, McAfee� will automatically encrypt that email, even if that person does not have the Encryption Service. This bidirectional protection ensures that the data remains secure.

Reliable Security

McAfee� is a leader in the computer security world and brings that expertise to communications security. The McAfee� SaaS Email Encryption Service uses effective and proven encryption technologies to keep the company information safe. Encryption technologies used include:
� Public Key Infrastructure (PKI),
� Secure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME),
� X.509 certificates,
� Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES),
� Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and
� 1024 bit RSA keys (with MD5 and SHA-1 encryption algorithms).
� 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

About the Author
To learn more about how your company can use McAfee SaaS Email Encryption Service to protect business communication, contact Infinitely Virtual by phone at (866) 257-8455 or visit InfinitelyVirtual.com

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