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Dedicated servers - Help & Information!

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Published on August 10, 2010, read more web hosting articles here.

Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers are computers that are used solely to manage computer networks, that are rented by businesses from third-party firms. Web Hosting firms, like 600 Host UK, are able to assemble large amounts of excess computing power, storage and capacity, which is leased to businesses at affordable costs due to economies of scale. A wide range of attractive features are available from UK Web Hosting firms. Superior cost-effectiveness, more advanced features and experienced IT technical support can be achieved by companies who are involved in Shared Hosting & Web Design.

Creating large computer networks and IT staff can be very difficult for small and medium-sized businesses, whose expertise is in fields other than computers. Leasing a dedicated server, from companies like 600 Host UK, involves renting an operating system, Web server, Web software and Internet connection. Businesses can quickly increase their Web traffic with larger amounts of bandwidth and storage available by Web Hosting companies for a minimal monthly charge.

Most dedicated servers are controlled from remote locations, where a professional 24/7/365 technical IT support team manages the computer network. UK Web Hosting allows companies to communicate rapidly with IT staff through phone, live chat and e-mail support. Service tickets can also be filled out for any maintenance issues.

One of the problems with a large in-house IT staff is the start-up, high-expense, low-return structure for most smaller corporations. Many internal IT technicians become bloated, engaged in bureaucratic paper-pushing, rather than productive pursuits. Why not lease IT staff that can be used efficiently through 600 Host UK? All parties benefit from the increased efficiency and economies of scale.

Many services are available, for a low monthly fee - different bandwidth, storage, e-mail messaging, assistance with programming languages, database administration and software upgrades. Large data centers provide more power and storage capacity. You can improve elements of your system without purchasing an entirely new system as your company expands.

UK Web Hosting companies can backup servers to provide for enhanced security, recovery and less data loss and downtime. Service agreements can have performance bonuses written in that guarantee 100% uptime rates. Downtime translates into lost profits as your customers stream to your competition.

Businesses involved in e-commerce need high security. Trust in professional IT staff which can develop firewalls, mixed with the best anti-malware, anti-virus and anti-spam Web software to protect your important information. These anti-hacker IT professionals will carefully monitor Web traffic activity; they will be better trained in the latest industry trends, knowing what dangers to look for.

Prevent hackers from ruining your business reputation; make sure your Web site is secure. Put your customers at ease, knowing their financial data is in good hands with 600 Host UK. Dedicated servers are a popular Web solution, which offer a lower initial investment, flexibility and scalability as the enterprise grows.

Get some assistance in Web Design so that your Web site gets noticed. Pay for only those services you require, maximize your budget with top-notch, high-level, UK Web Hosting.

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