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Published on June 21, 2010, read more web hosting articles here.

The website developers no more function into on the sidelines of the major industrial segments in an economy. Their business and services now constitute an industry of their own aimed at providing specialized services to various businesses. It is no more a trend to have a web representation of your business or organisation just because your peers and rivals have it. It has become a need, the feasibility or utility of which is measured by the Return on Investment. In pure production economic terms, return on investment is best represented by the capital-output ratio or effort-output ratio as in the level of output generated with a particular level of capital or other factor of production.

The concept was then applied on the other activities of business and now is widely used to measure the efficiency of the efforts of the website developers and internet marketers. More and more businesses now want the Return on their investment in developing, maintaining a website and undertaking online marketing activities. They want their funds to be channelized in a way so as to produce maximum results.

Does that pose a threat to the web industry? On the contrary! The services of web developers and internet marketers have finally come of age and now they have got a clear, distinct goal just as any other business organisation has. The recognition of targets and the timeframe in which they have to be achieved lends a character of purpose and utility to their services which were once concerned auxiliary to the mainstream businesses.

Though this poses the challenge of generating metrics and measuring the return on investment. In case of e-commerce websites, it is easy as the ROI is directly proportional to the increase in the sales and the online transactions. But when it comes to non-commerce websites, the task becomes a little difficult. Add to it the complexity of tracking pervasive social media marketing and exchanges and the interaction and exposure metrics collection seems to be a Herculean task. But, it be done with ease and expertise if one is able to track where the response and interest is coming from and combine the response reports from various sources. SERP rankings are also an effective measure to accomplish the same.

So here we see a trend evolving and the web developers and marketers rising up to meet the challenges and satisfy the requirements. Moreover, advanced technology for reliable, quick and accurate collection and analysis of data will be in place soon because necessity is ultimately the mother of all invention!

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