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11 Tricks and Techniques of Marketing your Product

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Published on June 21, 2010, read more web hosting articles here.

1. Displaying hits on the site and favorable ratings and reviews from other consumers on the product or service not only instills the confidence of the potential in the product but also creates a sort of social acceptability as well as demonstration effect under which they eventually end up buying the product.
2. As much as you want quick results from your new marketing strategy, so do the consumers want an instant gratification or deliverance of the proposed reward or the offer. Higher Return on Investment and Return of the satisfied visitor are assured, if you follow this basic rule.
3. First things should always go first and so the best product of your company should occupy the top slot on your website so as to gain maximum visibility and user attention. How many times have you yourself gone beyond the top twenty search results offered by Google??
4. Anything that is in short supply is in high demand and creating an illusion of it along with that of exclusivity is a great way to make your target consumer feel important so that he eventually ends up buying the product.
5. As I am giving you free advice here, am sure you are going to revert back to me for more. Same can be the case with the potentials who can be tempted into returning if you offer them free access to articles or free downloads, virtually anything would do. Just create a sense of indebtedness in their mind and they will surely return the favor by buying something from you.
6. Voyeurism appeals to everyone and a slight inclusion of it in form of food, sex or danger will do wonders for your ad. They appeal to the cardinal instincts of the human beings and they respond to it much against the warning issued by the Neocortex.
7. Selling in bundles helps as people prefer buying a product as well as allied accessories together. Just that they get apprehensive of the increasing cost and a key to it is to make them apprehensive of losing product value as they unbundled some of the accessories or the allied services.
8. Writing the ad content in first person creates a sense of identity or personalization among the consumers and there are higher chances of them responding to such an ad. And make sure your ad does appeal to them consumers on a personal basis.
9. Encouraging your visitors into making a commitment by asking them to vote on a poll or spread awareness about a social cause or even comment on an article related to a political situation in the country or world, will make sure that they
10. Using attractive images that prompt the consumers to spot similarities between themselves and the images is a great way to market the product as the consumers feel empathized with and cared for.
11. Telling interesting and peppy stories in your ad campaign that keep the readers indulged comes in handy in retaining the consumers for a longer period of time. And if the story happens to be such that the readers identify with the characters in it, then rest assured of a favorable action on the part of the potential towards your product’s ad.

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Binary is an independent creative design and digital agency.It was started in the year 2000 and as if know it has strength of 50+ people.Binary want to expand with the team size of 100 to 150 people to reach market allover.
Aim of binary is to work hard and smart for our clients to meet the business aspects.

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