What Are the Key Benefits of Windows Hosting Services?

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Published on June 18, 2010, read more web hosting articles here.

Windows Hosting has increasingly getting the attentions from web users especially among the new generations of developers. Windows Hosting services had rapidly gained its popularity and monopolizing more than 50% of the web Hosting industry today thanks to many of its renowned benefits which had been introduced to the web users.

Append are some of the key benefits which users can obtained from signing up for Windows Hosting services which we would like to share with you all;

- Windows Platform is suitable for companies which required huge database for operational and storage purpose.

- Windows platform usually works well with most of the applications and systems or programs which makes it very user-friendly and helps to reduce a lot of potential hassle which we might otherwise need to fix and take care of if other hosting platform is used such as Linux or Mac. Example: Microsoft Front Page design program works well with Windows platform where one does not have to worry about the support feasibility of the server for this at all.

- Windows is able to integrate with Access Database perfectly and seamlessly. In fact, one of the greatest strengths of Windows is the ability to integrate well with most of the databases and applications in the market today.

- Windows are equipped with all the necessary Microsoft tools. To name an example for better illustration: "Microsoft share point tools" which allows one to share their documents and related information on the intranet with the others.

- Only the Windows Hosting platform is able to support for any particular website created using ASP application. This is because Linux server will not be able to support for ASP. However Windows Hosting is not for any open source tools such as MySQL or PHP, these are better support by Linux hosting instead.

- It is easier to switch from a Windows Hosting to a Linux Hosting instead of the other way round. Therefore if you target is to expand your online business tremendously in the near future, then settling yourself with a Windows platform from the beginning would be a good start after all.

- It support server side servers such as ASP ( active server pages), NET, PHP, PERL, ASP.NET Ajax Extensions, FrontPage extension which are of popular demand today in the society.

- One of the key advantages of Windows hosting is in its capability to provide a stable, affordable and reliable environment for website hosting. Powered by Windows server 2008, which is the latest Windows platform hosting platform available in the market by Microsoft, it assures millions of its users a security-enhanced, user-friendly platform for designing, creating and developing of hosting web applications and services.

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