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DNS Tools - DNS and Few of its Concerning Terms and Tools

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Published on May 24, 2010, read more web hosting articles here.

A DNS or Domain Name System lets you locate computers on a network or the Internet TCP/IP network by domain name. The DNS server sustains a database of domain names or host names along with their corresponding IP addresses.

IP address: The address of a computer attached to a TCP/IP network. Each client and server station is required to have a sole IP address.

Domain Tools: Domain Tools is recognized for its intensity of records on domain names, including the Whois record, hosting information, SEO stats, and registration details. All that information can be irresistible, particularly when only certain parts of it may be important to you.

DNS Records: A DNS Record is stored in zone file for each domain that contains "resource records." There are quite a lot of DNS Records Types, such as, A, CNAME, MX, NS, TXT, SOA and so on. DNS records are utilized for translating domain names to IP addresses and contain information regarding name server and mail server.

Whois Lookup: A Whois Lookup tool is a tool to query the information of a domain name. It is as well used to ensure whether the domain name in fact exists. The outcomes include the administrative contact, the billing contact, the technical contact and the name and address of the owner.

Traceroute Tools: An Internet Tool that traces the route from the client machine to the remote host being contacted. It reports the IP addresses of all the routers in between. By screening a list of routers passed through, it permits the user to recognize the path taken to contact a particular destination on the network.

Ping Tools: A familiar Internet function used to find out whether a particular IP address is exists also can accept requests, via sending out a packet i.e., block of data and waiting for a response.

Reverse DNS Lookup Tools: Reverse DNS Lookup is the resolvance of a domain name that is allied with a specified IP address via the Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet. It is also utilized to prevent spam by determining if the e-mail message is coming from the domain name designated in the message header.

DNSChart offers DNS Tools as well Domain Tools in conjunction with Reverse DNS Lookup Tools, DNS Records, DNS Tests, Whois Lookup, Traceroute Tools, Ping Tools, DNS reporting and IP information gathering. Explore Free DNS Tools and also submit your DNS Tools at DNSChart.

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