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Better Remote Access with Windows 2008 Terminal Services

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Published on February 16, 2010, read more web hosting articles here.

Terminal Services have been greatly enhanced in Windows 2008 from Windows 2003, adding functionality for single sign-on, better remote display options, reduced administrative complexity, web access, and plug-n-play device redirection. These services allow both hosting companies and their clients to more easily regulate remote services and offer remote users a smoother experience by increasing speed, reducing the need for multiple sign-ons, and providing a cleaner display.

Remote Access from Anywhere

Windows 2008 allows Windows users better access to standard Windows-based programs from virtually anywhere using RemoteApp and the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC). RemoteApp allows users to work with applications just as if they were operating in person on the remote computer, while maintaining a presence on the computer they access from–they can minimize and maximize the remote window. RemoteApp reduces complexity and administrative overhead. Branch offices, hoteling employees, support personnel, and multiple version application deployments can all benefit from this functionality.

A Better Display

Windows 2008 Terminal Services adds support for higher resolution ratios, up to 4096 x 2048, providing support for the latest displays. It also provides the ability to use multiple monitors, spanning one display over multiple monitors using a remote connection. Font smoothing is another aspect of the improved display. Windows 2008 supports ClearType, a technology that creates a more seamless experience for the remote user, allowing fonts to appear more clearly, especially on an LCD monitor. Most importantly, Windows 2008 Terminal Server has implemented display data prioritization, which automatically gives priority to the remote user's display, keyboard and mouse controls over other traffic, such as printing and files transfers, which do not require continuous bandwidth to provide a good user experience.

Reducing Log-in Time

Instead of logging on multiple times with multiple log-ins, as previously required, Windows 2008 offers an authentication method that allows a remote user with a domain account to log on once using one password.

Web Access to the Remote Desktop

Terminal Services Web Access enables users to connect from a Web browser to the remote desktop of any server or client, rather than by first starting the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client. With Web Access, users can visit an Internet or intranet Web site to access a list of RemoteApp programs. The benefits of Web Access include reduced administrative overhead, centralized program deployment, minimal configuration, and easier maintenance because programs run on the terminal server and not on the remote client computer.

Remote Access to Plug-N-Play Devices

Windows Server 2008 has expanded redirection, enhancing remote access to plug and play devices, specifically media players based on the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) and digital cameras based on the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP), providing rich remote experiences. Using Windows 2008 Terminal Services, applications can access PnP devices seamlessly, whether they run locally or remotely.

Better Remote Connections with Windows 2008 and Infinitely Virtual

To learn more about Windows 2008 Terminal Services and how they can help connect your remote and mobile users, contact Infinitely Virtual at (866) 257-8455 or go to www.InfinitelyVirtual.com. We can show you how enhanced Terminal Services can reduce your administrative costs while making work by remote access more productive.

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Lisa Gecko is a staff writer for InfinitelyVirtual.com

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