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Where does Virtual Terminal Server fit in your IT infrastructure?

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Published on February 25, 2009, read more web hosting articles here.

A virtual terminal server can help your company get all the advantages of centrally deploying applications much less expensively, and without any of the costs or headaches of deploying dedicated terminal servers.

What is a Virtual Terminal Server?

Terminal Server is a Windows platform that allows you and your company to access all your applications from anywhere. That means your employees can access critical applications at home, on the road, at a branch office, or anywhere.

Virtualization, which consolidates servers onto fewer physical boxes, allows email servers, storage servers, application servers, and web servers to be run with lower costs, less administration and more flexibility, without loss of functionality.

What else does Virtual Terminal Server do?

Virtual Terminal Server lowers capital expenses and licensing costs. Using existing desktops, buying less powerful new computers or thin clients, and using fewer software licenses can reduce expenses. Meanwhile, it increases employee access to high-cost applications; employees who need access to an application can get it, without incurring increased subscription costs.

With Virtual Terminal Server, you can also increase security, keeping your data safe with FIPS encryption support, the ability prevent unauthorized access and server attacks, and restricting software access through group policies. But more security doesn't mean more work for your system administrator. With remote desktop management, policy setup, and remote server management, system administrators can get more work done in less time.

Centralizing your applications and data, especially using server virtualization, helps decrease network load. With Virtual Terminal Server, load is balanced between multiple servers, reducing points of failure and allowing users to get the application features and speed they need using lower bandwidth.

Virtual Terminal Server enhances data protection. When data is stored to and retrieved from one location, it's easy to guard it, back it up and access it; and with remote data storage and centralized backup, your company's critical information can be restored after a local failure.

Finally, Virtual Terminal Server makes application deployment more efficient. With applications installed in one remote location, your help desk staff won't spend hours installing applications for new employees, providing updates or adding new programs.

Hosted Terminal Server Using Virtualization

If you get Virtual Terminal Server from a company like Infinitely Virtual, you can combine the benefits of Terminal Server with the advantages of virtualization, without having to buy a single piece of hardware, administer any servers, or lease space in a datacenter. And with Virtual Terminal Server from Infinitely Virtual, you also get RAID-DP storage; six daily backups; a firewall; antivirus protection; and OpenOffice.org Suite installed, including applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, and databases.

With Virtual Terminal Server, you can also add Virtual Server Clustering, an implementation of VMware's High Availability. It provides automatic detection of server failures, automatic restart of virtual machines, virtual machine failure monitoring, proactive monitoring and health checks, and resource capacity checks.
Find out more about Virtual Terminal Server and Virtual Server Clustering at www.InfinitelyVirtual.com

About the Author
Lisa Gecko is a staff writer for InfinitelyVirtual.com

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