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Web Hosting and how it will affect your business

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Published on December 25, 2008, read more web hosting articles here.

What is web hosting? Web hosting is the process by which consumers pay to have their content online. The content stored includes images, videos, email accounts, etc. Hosting is a relatively new phenomenon; the number of service providers has grown exponentially. Without web hosting, starting a web presence would be technically challenging and expensive. Imagine having to install a separate computer system and maintain it for secure data storage.
Hosting began with Licklider’s concept of a universal network of communication in 1961. There, the internet began, and grew enormously in the following decades. Servers were expensive and time-consuming for the average user to maintain. As Internet traffic increased, the need for inexpensive, safe, secure, fast, and bountiful web space fueled the need for the modern web hosting service.
The future of web hosting is bright. Users are demanding intensive back up support. Affiliate programs, in which a person is paid for getting new paying clients, are becoming more accepted. Competition is increasing, with over 30 thousand firms hawking web hosting packages. In this situation, only firms which listen to their customers and provide 24/7 support will come out on top.
When one is choosing a web hosting package, there are several decisions to be made. These decisions include whether to use Linux or Windows and reseller or shared hosting. Linux has a cost and reliability advantage. Windows, however, has a wider range of complementary software support. Reseller hosting is better if you wish to sell the web hosting to your clients. The actual, physical aspect of the hosting is controlled by the contracted firm. Even though you do not make or maintain the servers, the products are branded and sold as yours. Shared hosting is when you share a server with other clients.
Web hosting has allowed many corporations and private users to focus on what is important for them, without having to deal with the tedious, technical aspects of their business such as email accounts and storage. Liberty and freedom can never be bad, and here you have both. So next time you hear about a web hosting company, don't forget this article.

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