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About Omnis

Omnis web hosting was formed in 1999 by a team of proven web services industry veterans with the simple goal of providing affordable, enterprise class web hosting services. Initially, Omnis Network provided web hosting and domain registration services. They have since expanded to offer a full array of web hosting services to both individual and professional clients.

Omnis Reliability

Omnis Network maintains a datacenter in Torrance, California with network connections managed through One Wilshire in Los Angeles, California. One Wilshire is the undisputed main hub of the internet for the entire Pacific Rim. Their premium connectivity translates into an extremely fast, reliable network. All equipment is owned and operated by Omnis Network in their secure datacenter.

Omnis Support

Omnis Support provides 24*7 in-house telephone support, live chat and email support. All support specialists are located in Omnis Network’s office in Torrance, California. Omnis web hosting does not outsource any of their support.

Omnis Guarantees

Omnis web hosting gives their clients a few guarantees when they purchase web hosting, they are: 99.9% uptime guranatee and a 30 day money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with your hosting experience, you may request your money back within the first 30 days of signing up.

Omnis Hosting Options

Their are two options you can choose when you select web hosting from Omnis, they are: linux web hosting or windows web hosting, each plan comes with a range of extra features at no additional cost, plans also come with free marketing credits.

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Omnis User Reviews

Reviews To Date: 3
Average User Rating: 80%

Review submitted by Brian Duncan


I created my first site with Omnis Network. The technical jargon was a bit confusing, but learning a few basics, and after a few questions to their patient customer support crew, and I was able to get my site up and online. I use it for myself and my business. I’ve made changes to the site a few times, depending on which business I was promoting, and its always been easy to make changes and get my site online and running. Been with them for a year now and have had not downtime. So I feel safe with my site being hosted by Omnis.


Review submitted by Kyle


I have been with Omnis for a long time. I have experienced some horrible customer service from them in the past, with someone actually hanging up on me twice. However, in the past year or so they have really improved. I prefer to use their Live Chat service on the website. It seems that the guys there have really gotten better about being patient and understanding that the average site owner may not be a genius web developer and we might have to ask some stupid questions to get up and running. Their backend functionality is pretty user friendly. I really like the monthly billing instead of one hugs hosting bill all at once. They have server issues occasionally, but I think its just part of the business. I would definitely recommend Omnis to a new customer or someone just transferring domains.


Review submitted by Doshoss


Our company has been with Omnis for over 5 years now. I initially selected them after having a horrible experiece with another "dirt cheap" hoster & wanted a more reliable hosting company. Well, being that reliability was my primary reason for switching, unfortunately I set the bar too low..

On average, either our website or our email hosting is down at least once per quarter. During these periods, it is impossible to reach support. Without having submitted an online ticket, I have been given grief when trying to speak with a support rep.

Omnis has a policy of deleting email accounts that have been inactive for at least six months. In the process, they do not save the contents of the account. When questioned about this, their response was, "we are not a file server and we do not want to store your emails." This goes right in line with what I have read about Omnis having limitations storing customer files.

Without notification, I have had my website turned off on numerous occaisions because of expired credit cards... even when I have had a valid administrator email set up on my account.

I have personally experienced their lack of domain autorenewal issues noted elsewhere.

Omnis is, at best, a mid-tier hosting provider that leaves a lot to be desired... yes, my website and email services are down again as I write this, along with Omnis's entire site. Not quite sure how I'm going to submit a support ticket?


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