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About ixWebHosting

For IXWebHosting it all began in 1999 supporting their first hosting customers on a server in someone's living room, and since then they have grown into a company with over 110,000 clients hosting over 470,000 websites. IXWebHosting have grown to become a trusted and reliable web hosting provider.

ixWebHosting Reliability

At IXWebHosting they use one of the most respected software's in the world for network security, to make sure your site is secured and not hacked, they do this by performing 3 main task: Monitoring Services, Discovery Services and Recovery Services.

ixWebHosting Support

Support is something IXWebHosting take very seriously, their support staff are trained and skilled service representative capable of assisting you with any of your web hosting needs. They can handle not only billing and administrative tasks, but can also resolve technical issues, answer questions and even offer advice.

ixWebHosting Guarantees

Like most web hosting providers, IXWebHosting offer two main and essential guarantees, they are: 99.9% uptime guarantee, at IXWebHosting they have our own tier 3 (n+1) redundant data center, that means they have everything that's required to maintain the maximum uptime possible. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

ixWebHosting Hosting Options

IXWebHosting offer a range of web hosting plans to match your needs. Their most popular plans are their shared web hosting accounts, where they offer free dedicated IP addresses. They also have VPS hosting for more popular websites. With all of their plans, you can choose either Linux or Windows.

ixWebHosting Coupons and Discounts for March 2017

Below you'll find a few coupon codes to use for ixWebHosting web hosting. By selecting a coupon code you will get the option to save a few dollars on your next hosting bill.

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ixWebHosting User Reviews

Reviews To Date: 2
Average User Rating: 80%

Review submitted by P Goh


I happened to come to this page accidentally and as I believe in giving credit where credit is due, I am taking the trouble to add my review. I joined Ixwebhosting in September 2007 and have remained with them ever since. In fact I have just extended my hosting account with them for another two years to 2013.
I said Bravo! as I am fully satisfied with their services and especially the seriousness and speed with which their technical support team attended to all queries and problems. I only hope that they will be able to continue to maintain such great service if their clients should double or triple (which they deserve).


Review submitted by Mykhailo


I have been with IXWebhosting for about 5 years, now, two weeks ago one of my Unlimited Pro accounts was terminated because someone submitted an article to my blog that contained links to some other web site that didn't authorized linking to them. Because IXWeb hosting received official complain that one of my blogs has article with unauthorized link to their web site my All blogs (11) plus one which had that problem article where suspended and what worse IXWeb hosting doesn't allow to move other blogs which have nothing to do the the blog containing the article. Now all they want is the letter of withdrawal to this suspension or a cord order. The complaining party ignoring my emails. I think it is completely unfair to blog all of my other blogs that have Nothing to do with one blog that received an article with unauthorized link within the article submitted to my blog. Now I need to go through all of these trouble and who knows may be expense as well to create a cord order. Do I need all of these headache? of course not.


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